Guangzhou Industrial Technology

Guangzhou Industrial Technology is a platform of significant importance, as it not only showcases the most cutting-edge achievements of the global manufacturing industry, but also facilitates cooperation and promotes economic growth. The show aims to become one of the most influential exhibitions in China’s manufacturing sector, laying its foundation in Guangzhou and servicing the entire Greater Bay Area, including Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao, the show has positioned itself to become the industry’s signature exhibition in China.

The theme of the up-coming edition is “Smart technology – Unleash the potential of Chinese manufacturing”.  By showcasing the latest technologies and accomplishments of the manufacturing industry, the show strives to inspire the industry with innovative concepts to promote high-end, smart, and green manufacturing. 

The show will be comprised of several exhibition areas with different themes, covering various advanced industrial technologies, such as industrial internet platforms, intelligent installations, and innovations in other sectors.  The show brings together well-established local and overseas organisations, prestigious academic institutions as well as representatives from leading enterprises to establish an international platform for manufacturing players around the globe to cooperate and do business.  

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